What is iftrue and how does it work?

iftrue is a powerful analytics platform designed for software development teams. It uses key industry benchmarks and frameworks to provide insights into development processes, enabling teams to optimize workflows and enhance collaboration between developers and managers.

What are DORA and SPACE frameworks mentioned in your product description?

DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) and SPACE (Software Performance and Continuous Delivery) are industry-standard frameworks that iftrue leverages to measure and improve software development performance. DORA focuses on DevOps practices, while SPACE provides a holistic view of software delivery.

How can iftrue increase our team's performance?

iftrue's analytics platform helps identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and problem areas in your development process. By using data-driven insights and best practices, teams can streamline workflows and enhance overall performance, potentially seeing improvements of up to 70%.

Can iftrue integrate with our existing tools and systems?

Yes, iftrue is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular development tools and systems, ensuring a smooth implementation process. Our team can assist you in setting up the integration tailored to your requirements.

How does iftrue address security and data privacy concerns?

Security and data privacy are our top priorities. iftrue follows industry best practices to secure user data and comply with privacy regulations. We implement encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to ensure the highest level of protection.

Should I update my tools in order to use iftrue?

No. We are plug and play. No need to update any functionality of your tools.

Does iftrue offer free version?

Yes. You can use iftrue with 1 month of historical data as long as you want.

How can I delete my data?

First of all, we delete all your data immediately after you delete your account from iftrue. In order to delete the organization or your account, sign in to your account and from settings delete the organization and all your information will be deleted immediately.

Only organization managers can remove organizations from iftrue. As a member of an organization, you can delete your account but your data will be kept as long as your organization manager deletes it.

Is iftrue keeping my code?

No. We don't pull or push your repositories or save. Some providers give gradual access (Gitlab and Github) so we don't even need a permission which may cover permissions to read the code.

All the information we gather is the metadata of the pull requests and reviews.

What support options are available if we encounter any issues or need assistance?

iftrue offers various support options, including documentation, email support, and dedicated customer success managers. We're here to ensure your experience with our platform is seamless and successful.

How to integrate tools behind firewall?

Here are our IP addresses. Allow those ip addresses so we can reach your endpoints.

  • Inbound IP addresses

  • Outbound IP address

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