📋Surveys Types

We conducted thorough research and gathered a comprehensive range of surveys designed to pinpoint bottlenecks in your workflows and elevate developer experience.


Each survey comprises approximately 8-10 questions. All questions can be responded to using a scale ranging from "I strongly agree" to "I strongly disagree." Moreover, developers have the option to provide written feedback for each question, enhancing the depth of insights they can share.

Test Efficiency

Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing processes and practices to optimize the overall testing efficiency and identify areas for improvement.

Local Development Experience

The Local Development Experience survey assesses the ease of setting up the development environment, alignment with production environments, efficiency of build times, stability, and accessibility of tools.

Code Review Effectiveness

The Code Review Effectiveness survey focuses on evaluating the efficiency and impact of your code review process. By gathering insights into aspects such as clarity of guidelines, timely feedback, and collaboration, we aim to refine your code review practices for improved code quality and team collaboration.

Documentation Quality

The Documentation Quality survey assesses the clarity, completeness, and user-friendliness of the documentation provided to you.

Release Management

Gain insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your software release process, enabling you to enhance procedures for smoother deployments and improved user experiences.

Code Quality

Evaluate the overall quality of codebase, including readability, maintainability, and adherence to standards, to enhance software reliability and development efficiency.

Incident Management

Assess the effectiveness of your incident response process, ensuring timely detection, transparent communication, and efficient resolution for minimal service disruption.

Requirements Quality

Evaluate the clarity, completeness, and effectiveness of project requirements to enhance project understanding and successful delivery.

Workload Balance

Measure the even distribution of tasks, workload management, and work-life balance to ensure a productive and sustainable team environment.

Focus Hours

Gauge the effectiveness of focused, interruption-free work sessions, supporting productivity and fostering an environment conducive to deep work.

Team Dynamics

Explore the collaboration, communication, and synergy within your team, fostering a productive and harmonious working environment.

Continuous Learning

Measure the availability of learning opportunities and the culture of growth within your team, supporting ongoing skill development and personal advancement.

Feedback and Recognition

Assess the effectiveness of feedback processes and recognition practices within your team, ensuring an environment that values contribution and supports individual growth.

Technology Stack

Evaluate the tools and technologies used in your projects, ensuring they are up-to-date, well-maintained, and effectively supporting our development efforts.

Leadership and Management Support

Measure the effectiveness of management in guiding the team, providing resources, and fostering a supportive environment for growth and success.

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