⚙️Team Management

In this section we will explain the how to adjust settings for your teams in iftrue.

Creating A Team

You can create as many teams as you want and assign people to teams.

You can also update your teams or delete them.

If you have teams coming from integrations like Github, you can't update or delete those teams. In order to change them you need to change it from providers team settings page.

Navigate to -> Teams

Create new team

  1. Click create team.

  • Give it a name

  • Choose visibility by selecting from dropdown:

    • Open : Team can be seen by anyone in the organization

    • Secret: Only team members can see the team

  1. Assign members

Once the team has created, you will see it in the list. Click the newly created team

Inside the team you will see Members tab

Click and add accounts you want in the team.

That's it. You should see your team stats immediately.

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