Deployment Tracking With HTTP Request

This endpoint allows you to create a deployment for an organization with specified parameters.

This endpoint enables the creation of a deployment for a specific organization. It accepts various parameters to define the deployment details such as title, branch, commit ID, etc.


Request Body


Upon successful creation of the deployment, the response will contain the details of the created deployment.

Default Values


Upon successful creation of the deployment, the endpoint returns a deployment record.


This endpoint requires JWT authorization. The JWT token should be included in the request header. You can get token from the iftrue team.

Example Request

POST /v1/organization/deployment HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer <JWT_TOKEN>
Content-Type: application/json

	"title": "New Deployment",
	"changelog": "#241 PR Merged",
	"url": "<>",
	"branch": "master",
	"commit_id": "fa9bce58bac99d1186f00d90881dd7b1e7a3acfd",
	"deployment_duration": 1220,
	"is_fix": true,
	"is_hotfix": false,
	"is_forced": true,
	"commits_count": 5,
	"member_id": "aef23f76-9e33-679d-a92c-ff7321f61bb8",
	"pull_request_number": 241,
	"repository_url": "<>",
	"deployment_node_id": "sw52f5ff5ddf66=",
	"status": "succes"

Example Response

  "id": "......",
  "triggered_by": "webhook",
  "title": "New Deploy",
  "changelog": "#222 PR Merged",
  "is_hotfix": false,
  "is_forced": false,
  "is_fix": false,
  "commits_count": 5,
  "organization_id": "......",
  "repository_id": "......",
  "pusher_id": "......",
  "url": "......",
  "branch": "master",
  "commit_id": "..sha..",
  "deployment_duration": 10,
  "node_id": "...",
  "status": "fail"

This documentation provides detailed information on how to use the API along with an example request and response. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, please feel free to email us at:

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